Bike Sharing In China Case Study

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Why the bike-sharing industry is popular in China.

Background of bike-sharing industry in China.
The bike-sharing industry which is one of the shared economy.The Sharing Economy is a social-economic ecosystem built around the sharing of human, physical and intellectual resources.It includes the shared creation, production, distribution, trade and consumption of goods and services by different people and organizations.(Benita Matofska.2016) For example Airbnb, Uber,Mobike and Ofo. The Mobike and Ofo are two biggest companies of the bike-sharing in China. the bike-sharing which means providing the bike sharing services at the city, campus and other different places,which means people can using bike to solve the residents of the "last mile"
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In recent years, many cities have heavily invested in infrastructure construction. Compared to a few years ago, the traffic efficiency has been significantly improved, traffic congestion problems have improved.However, even the urban public transport developed, it is impossible to cover every road. This is what people often say "last mile" problem. However, Commercial sharing of bicycles has played an important role. In the past, people always expect the government to do more in public transport.In fact, after the development of market economy, the market can effectively make up the short supply of the government. For the development of shared bicycles, It provides convenient transportation for the city at the same time, but also for the investment enterprises to provide a profit model. The market economy bring benefits to society through this way. However, due to the sharing of bicycle operation and parking need to use the city's roads and other public places, and this is a city public resources, Hence it needs to obey the government's management requirements for the city. At present, some cities focus on the disposal of chaotic parked shared bicycles, it is the government in accordance with its consistent urban management regulations to exercise their duties.The Department of Transportation tends to support and encourage the sharing of bicycles. But the local government needs to manage a lot of things, and also need to exercise the responsibility of urban order management. Therefore, the local government how to manage the

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