Bigger Thomas Is The Embodiment Of The Vicious Prejudice Cycle

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Bigger Thomas is intended to be the embodiment of the vicious prejudice cycle seen in America during his time period. His whole life is essentially the constant cycle of hate, but only fit into one lifetime. His raw and animalistic fear at what the whites will do to him if he lashed out then causes him to lash out, and be portrayed as violent, which then causes a torrent of racial divide, and just as peace and understanding are being uncovered, they become cut short by ignorance. His life beings in fear and violence that is repeatedly lashed at him, like a whip, and he eventually uses violence to break the hatred, until he realizes that this flood of pride from breaking the prejudice only causes more violence, and is slowly introduced to the concept of equality and peace, but not before he is executed out of ignorance, in a cycle that mirrors America almost exactly. Bigger has been repressed all his life for something as menial as his skin color, and that fear of brutality against him festers inside of him until it threatens to overwhelm him, with the only cure being violence.However, Bigger is not the innocent victim. He has allowed that pain to sear into him, and comes charging angrily at any sign of redemption, like a bull to the color red. In his mind, a revolution would overwhelm him and cause him to lose any sense of self, so he enforces the separation as strictly as possible, and even uses his own people for his own purposes, as if they are there to serve him. He…

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