Bigger Than I Really Am Essay

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Bigger Than I Really Am
It was a normal summer afternoon when my mom called me into her bedroom. I had no ideas what to do for my 15th birthday on July 16th. I figured I would just see a movie, just like everyone normally does. I recently picked up an interest in Marvel movies and characters and my mom had actually taken notice. “Why don’t you go to this Wizard World thing? That Stan Lee guy you talk about is going to be there, and some Walking Dead characters.” Stan Lee is one of the original people who worked with Marvel comics. She brought up the Walking Dead characters for my brother, who’s a fan of them. Wizard World is a traveling convention that goes to several major cities. This particular one is called Wizard World Chicago, even though the convention center is in Rosemont. The concept sounded interesting, it was a good place to get exposed to more of the Marvel culture and it sounded fun to dress-up as a character. “How much are the tickets?” I got on the bed to see her laptop screen that read the prices. The most expensive single day ticket was for Saturday; $60, but if you include additional fees (I’m assuming this means taxes) it would be $66.67. It’s out of our price range for an event I’m not even accustomed to, and there is the risk of me having a bad time. “Well Thursday is only $46.07, but you’d have to take a day off of school.” The first day of the convention, thursday, would take place on August 8th, 2013. It’s still after my birthday, but it would count…

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