Big Stick Diplomacy And Foreign Policy Essay

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Empires thrive off of defying the the principle of legitimacy. Throughout history there are numerous accounts of religious and political groups maintaining their power by restricting the voices of the people, brutalizing them, and treating them with little or no fairness. The effectiveness of these reoccurring actions become increasingly evident when analyzing McKinley and Roosevelt’s Big Stick Diplomacy. Big Stick Diplomacy was a tactic used in foreign affairs. Roosevelt coined the saying, “Speak softly and carry a big stick” when referring to his foreign policy. The U.S military would use this tactic when attempting to attain foreign land. They would speak to them softly and if the natives did not comply with their request, they would hit them with overwhelming military strength. The foreign policy used during 1896 through 1908 fail all three laws represented in the principle of legitimacy. The United States portrayed itself as a savior when in reality it was a conquerer. The United States immorally acquired the Philippine islands during the Spanish American war in 1898. The Philippines and Cuba were colonies of Spain. During the 1890s Cuba and the Philippines were waging war on their colonizer for their independence. The Spanish American war began because the United States became an ally with Cuba to “help” them attain their independence. They promised independence to both Cuba and the Philippines as a ploy to gain their trust. The United States declared war on Spain…

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