Essay on Big Pharmaceutical Company 's The Problem

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Big Pharmaceutical Company 's
The biggest contradiction in the cycle of life is the beginning of the end, that is, as humans we are born to die. The diseases and sicknesses we contact throughout our lifetime are evidence of the impending end from the beginning. In the 21st century, however, healthcare is not some superstitious, voodoo nonsense we leave to fate. It’s a right available to every citizen living within a democracy or free government. In America there are various loopholes within the framework of the health system, evident from a survey carried out in 2006 that showed a nationwide decrease in satisfaction with the United States Health care system (Helman, Greenwald, and Fronstin 2). This framework is an intricate network built by the complex relationships between various stakeholders and the system. Stakeholders such as the United States Government, pharmaceutical companies, Consumers and Insurance companies are very vital in this system. Their roles and contributions in the health care cycle are proven by the different stances each stakeholder possesses in relation to the system. To make sense of the crisis within the pharmaceutical industry, it would only be right, we study each stakeholder’s position on various issues surrounding the system and how these positions aid or work against the crisis. This essay intends to take on an objective role of each stakeholder in an attempt to make sense of the crisis from each standpoint and leave any judgments to the…

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