Big Love Play Analysis

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Big Love is a very interesting play. The story is extremely different and quite memorable, for it addresses many current issues such as love, gender politics and domestic violence, which is interesting to note considering the fact that the play is the modern version of Aeschylus’s The Suppliants. The play is about 50 sisters who flee to Italy in order to get out of marrying their 50 cousins, however all of the character’s eclectic personalities make Big Love an extremely difficult play to put on while still maintaining the balance between comedy and seriousness. Whittier College’s production of Big Love directed by Jennifer S. Holmes was very unique and interesting to watch, however aspects of the performance made it difficult to enjoy and …show more content…
One thing that stuck out is that sometimes when looking through the arches, if the backdrop was a dark blue it really did look like a house on the ocean, looking over the waves at the time of night where the seam between the sea and the skyline are hard to differentiate from each other. It was very beautiful. The lighting was also done very well, and definitely helped to set the mood for each scene. One thing that stood out as extremely unprofessional, however, was the fact that during the songs the cast members were not miked. No matter how loud voices are without microphones, if instrumental music is coming out of a sound system they will be completely overpowered. In any performance in a place other than a cathedral with incredible acoustics, if there is going to be singing there needs to be microphones. The songs were very hard to listen to because of the lack of mikes, also there were times when the cast members would be painfully of beat for a moment or two, however those moments were rare. Overall, Big Love was definitely an experience. Seeing actors throwing themselves on the ground in representation of emotions is certainly something that you don’t normally find in theater productions, although it was very amusing. Whittier College’s production of Big Love was definitely something that will be hard to forget, and it was really cool to see a sneak peak of the Whittier drama department in

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