The Big Five Personality Dimensions

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The Big Five Personality Dimensions are five basic dimensions that simplify more complex models of personality which are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience. What a person scores on the Big Five shows what kind of personality profile that person has. Using personality profiles also helps companies decide whom to hire and also who to promote. The personality profiles also helps employers decide what kind of roles to give to people that match their personality so that they can produce great results and get the maximum effort out of them.
One of the Big Five Personality Dimensions is extraversion. Extraversion is described as someone who is outgoing, talkative, sociable,
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Conscientiousness is described as dependable, responsible, achievement oriented, and persistent. Even though conscientiousness can be a great personality to have the people who have it do not always tend to have high self-esteem in themselves (Hill, 2015) which could lead to them not producing as much results as they could be. The conscientiousness trait in people tends to consist of being goal-oriented, have attention to deal, and also have ambition (Judge, 2015). These people want to get their work done on time and finish the task at hand. They do not like to mess around and only focus on the job that they are working on. Conscientiousness in individuals provides them with the ability to achieve certain goals which can be used to help produce the targeted behavior (Phipps, 2015). Job performance is not only related to conscientiousness but it is also related to emotional stability (Moscoso, 2009). Conscientiousness is a strong predictor of individual task proficiency (Neal, 2011). Employees who have the conscientiousness trait tend to be very loyal to the company and their job. They not only keep themselves on track but they also keep the people around them on track so that everyone gets their work done in a timely manner. They usually provide a great working environment and are great to have around. A great thing to have with conscientiousness is emotional stability which can provide a …show more content…
Emotional stability is seen as someone who is relaxed, secure, and unworried. Emotional stability is a great personality trait that you could have in yourself. People who have emotional stability also tend to have a high self-esteem (Hill, 2015) which can be beneficial to the company when they are producing great results and getting the job done. Individuals who are emotional stable can maintain their composure, even under demanding circumstances, they have less anxiety and are more likely to go beyond the call of duty (Phipps, 2015). On the downside if someone is low on emotional stability they are more likely to be consumed in their anxieties and stress, and are begging for help, rather than being able to help others with their problems (Phipps, 2015). It is best to have a high emotional stability so you do not break under pressure and can keep a cool head. With emotional stability comes openness to experience which in a work environment can provide new and interesting

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