Big Fish Essay

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Daniel Wallace's Big Fish tells the story of a father and son trying to communicate and make up for lost time at the time of the father's death. In the novel, the father's death takes place in four different stories or "takes." In the midst of these accounts of his death, we are told through stories and tall tales just what the father, Edward Bloom, was really like. Throughout the story are one page chapters where the story shifts and the life of Edward Bloom is told by others and through this we are told what "they say" about him. It is in these pages where the real legend of Edward Bloom is discovered. These one page chapters not only help in portraying Edward Bloom as a legend, but also add to the uniqueness of Daniel Wallace's …show more content…
The overwhelming majority of legends or tall tales told, including the legend of Edward Bloom, use the phrase "They say…" when telling how the events within the legend occur. This phrase is synonymous with the telling of a legend. Wallace's insertion of these one page chapters helps to establish the legend of Edward Bloom. This technique allows the reader to focus on short, interesting aspects of Edward Bloom. Overall, the novel Big Fish is a very interesting and entertaining book. The short, easy to read chapters contribute to the enjoyment of the reader. We find many bits of information concerning Edward Bloom that are told by William, Edward himself, and many others. William has heard all of these legends surrounding his father, but it is at Edward's death bed that he truly realizes he doesn't truly know his father by anything other than these legends told by others. The novel is very unique in that it takes a number of short stories and combines them into one novel. The tale of a son at his father's death bed is especially moving for most readers and Wallace does an effective job of telling about the lack of a relationship the two have had up until this point. Daniel Wallace's Big Fish does a tremendous job at not only telling the story of a strained father and son relationship, but also at telling the story of all the legends that

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