Big Fish Film Analysis

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The movie Big Fish was written by Daniel Wallace and John August and directed by Tim Burton. This film tells the tale of father and son and their struggle to make amends from earlier events in their life. Will, the son, is upset with his father, Edward, because he is unable to establish which of his famous stories are fantasy and which are a reality. Nearing the end of the movie Will discovers that sometimes it does not always matter what is real or fake as long as the intentions behind it have a positive motive. Taking into consideration the sound, lighting, score and all of the other elements that made this movie excellent; this film is a 4.6 out of 5 stars. One of the main things that made this film unique was the exceptional use of lighting. …show more content…
A plot twist is an unexpected development in a movie. There were quite a few shocking moments in this movie, but one of the best was when Edward found out that Jenny’s fiance was Don Price. Earlier in the movie, Don was shown in the background of most of Edward’s many crazy accomplishments in his teen years. Edward was seen as beating Don on many things and pretty much being the best at everything except when it mattered most to Edward. It was very humorous and ironic to the audience that the only thing Don ever won was being engaged to the love of Edward’s life. Every element that goes into making a movie of this quality is very significant but one of the biggest areas where I think Burton was completely right with this film was the casting. Nearly every actor and actress seemed as if they were born for the role they were cast for. The actor who played Will Bloom, Billy Crudup, was nothing short of immaculate. His emotions and reactions to situations were portrayed beautifully and even had the ability to make people forget that he was an actor. The impact of the marvelous acting skills were that it helps the viewer to feel the emotions of the characters and actually connect with the

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