Big Data Is A Revolutionary Term Essay examples

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Big Data is a revolutionary term that means different things to different people. The term
“Big Data”, however, mainly focuses on the handling and analysis of extremely large amounts of data. As time passes, the size of data that organizations encounter grows significantly each year.
These data can range from transactions within a grocery store to tweets submitted on Twitter and many other sources. However, what remains the same is the fact that data are plentiful, and organizations must find ways to capture and use data in meaningful ways.
There appear to be different perspectives on the value associated with utilizing Big Data.
There are proponents for the use and progression of Big Data, while the opposition believes it is simply a fad that will eventually be overtaken by another craze in the near future.
Some interesting arguments against Big Data were presented in the online article “Eight
(No, Nine!) Problems With Big Data” located on the New York Times website. A few notable arguments are meaningless correlations and the gaming of Big Data. Big Data programs have the ability to analyze massive amounts of data and determine correlations between data. However, the correlations that may be determined may not be logical within the context of the discovery.
For example, Big Data may be used in a supermarket to determine the correlations between certain purchases and product placement. If bananas and batteries both increased sharply during a certain period, Big Data might…

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