Big Data And Large Amounts Of Data Essay

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Big data has transformed into an important element in establishing growth for any business. The term is used to describe a crucial and massive volume of data to be processed by any software technique. It can also be referred to as a hi-tech tool used to handle large amounts of data. Big data is imperative to a business as it produces a more accurate analysis due to the large amounts of data. Consequently, users can make better decisions that can be helpful in reducing risks and greater operational efficiencies. This paper explains about big data and big data analysis, characteristic of big data and advantages and disadvantages of big data.
Keywords: big data, enterprise data, transactional data, public data, real time data

A large volume of data is called big data. The larger the extent of data the bigger challenge it is to manage and manipulate. Data can be in a structure format, partial or none at all. The first reference of the term “big data” was recorded in a 1997 in an article by a scientists at NASA, as they describe the challenges of working with data sets in computer graphics and how that puts the computer systems at a large and taxing capacity of main memory, local disk, and even remote disk (Gil.P, 2014).
In recent years large amounts of data have been created from sensors that can be used to gather climate information, pictures, videos and other records, and posted to social media sites. This type of data is big data. In simple terms we…

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