Big Brother Is Always Watching In 1984 By George Orwell's 1984

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Big Brother is always watching. This idea is manifested in 1984 by George Orwell. He creates a dystopian society where “The Party can manipulate truth when the truth is psychological through certain stable laws of cause and effect; through pain it can create a sense of reality” (Lyons and Orwell 44). The Party reflects a totalitarian regime through the almighty Big Brother by controlling all aspects of one’s life. This is a time period where every move, thought, and belief is monitored by the Party. People who show disloyalty towards the Party are severely punished. Mentally, the Party brainwashes children by turning them into spies. The leaders have these children keep an eye out for signs that someone may be against one of the beliefs …show more content…
This includes keeping a keen eye out for any signs of disloyalty, such as thought-crime and acts of rebellion. One of the characters Winston Smith states, “Nearly all children nowadays were horrible…they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel against the discipline of the Party” (Orwell 24). Children have no hesitation to turn in family members because the laws of the Party are above all. Every day the Party has a mandatory Two Minutes Hate. The telescreens light up all around with the face of Oceania’s greatest enemy Emmanuel Goldstein. Goldstein used to be one of Oceania’s leading figures comparable to Big Brother, until he created a group in attempt to overthrow Big Brother. In response, Big Brother created a corrupted image of him to produce fear and rage among the citizens. There is boisterous screaming and kicking that echoes throughout Oceania during this daily tradition. Food, trash, and objects of all kinds are thrown at the screens. This is what the Party wanted, to create an enemy for the people to despise, to look to Big Brother as their hero. Not only does the Party use the Two Minutes Hate, but they also use other tactics such as the fusion of truth and fact as a reminder of the importance of Big Brother’s power. This is exemplified in the philosophy, “Whatever the Party holds to be truth …show more content…
Mentally, the Party manipulates the minds of young by turning them into spies. The Two Minutes Hate reminds the people that Big Brother is the savior. The corrupted ideas between truth and fact make people question their memory and in turn believe everything the Party says. Emotionally, the Party eliminates any love that exists between people other than that of Big Brother. The pleasure and enjoyment of sex is abolished to the point that it is strictly done as a duty to society. Families are prohibited from creating any type of loyalty among each other. The only loyalty that is acceptable is the loyalty to Big Brother. Physically, the Party is always watching people through the infinite telescreens throughout Oceania. The amount of knowledge one has can make them victims to vaporization. This wipes away any evidence that one ever existed. Room 101 is where the Party uses one’s biggest fear to create an unbreakable loyalty towards the great Big Brother. People know that no matter where they are or what they do, the Party always discovers their indiscretions. The very omnipresence of Big Brother is best reflected in these words of Graham Good, “totality shows itself by creating and then abolishing the illusion of its own perfection” (63). 1984 emphasizes a totalitarian dictatorship and demonstrates what life could be like if people give up their power to the government.

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