Big-Bang Theory: The Existence Of God

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TOPIC: Existence of God

Humans have long struggled with the questions of life; why are we here, and how did we come into being. In the search for answers to these matters, societies have attempted to provide solutions, in the form of supreme beings. However, it will be argued, that God, as defined as a single entity that created all life, does not exist because the universe developed from the Big Bang, human life evolved over millennia, and previously unexplainable mysteries were attributed to God until scientific advancements could provide other explanations.

Reason 1:
Throughout history, scientists have conducted research into the origins of life on earth and have determined the most scientifically supportable evidence lies in the Big-Bang Theory. This hypothesis holds that the creation of the
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As Aquinas found, there was no known way in which to account for the creation of our universe at the time, except to attribute the mystery to an all-powerful being. In fact, Richard Dawkins points out the flaws in Aquinas’ argument when he stated “the arguments rely on the idea of regress and invoke God to terminate it. They make an entirely unwarranted assumption that God himself is immune to the regress” (Boss, 2012, p. 58). Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that, lacking any sufficient knowledge of modern science and the creation of the universe, Aquinas assigned the unknowable to a single entity named God. That being said, we cannot know whether God exists without proof, or possibly when we die. As our knowledge advances, mysteries that were previously attributed to the doings of Gods has been replaced by scientific evidence. Someday we may find, that we are the Gods, and we have created this universe within our imaginings; until that time, we continue to contemplate and consider this

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