Examples Of Associative Community

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Since ancient times, people used to treat disabled individuals in a special way. Human beings with physical disabilities are considered unable to work and perform some tasks while people with mental disabilities are not perceived seriously at all. Such situation occurs everywhere, and it depends not on the citizens of society in particular but the whole society in general. The problem of ableist society is important because, in such society, handicapped persons cannot enjoy life with all its benefits in the same way as non-disabled persons can. People live in the world of norms, and these norms are created by several individuals who are happy to hold a ruling position. Those, who have standard bodies and normal IQ level, are apprehended as …show more content…
The accumulative community is a community to which a person factually belongs. For example, it may be a city where one lives or a school which one attends. A person often does not choose an accumulative community and has to adjust to it since childhood. At the same time, “accumulation is the easy part” (Montgomery 17). The associative community is the community, to which a person feels that he/she belongs. If an individual is connected to his/her group and feels that he/she fits in, one may suppose that a person has successfully integrated from an accumulative community to an associative one. However, it happens not as often as one may desire. In modern accumulative society, disabled people live in the neighborhood with non-disabled ones; they use the same stairs and narrow doorways and experience difficulties in the world for “normal” people only. Thus, individuals with disabilities feel that they do not fit in because their society creates such conditions for them. On the one hand, disabled people are treated in the same way as non-disabled ones; that is why no special conditions are created for them. On the other hand, when people with some defects are applying for a job, they are often discriminated against since their physical condition deviates from the standards of normality. The problem is that people in Western culture are focused on their physical bodies more than on their inner world. The more visual defects a person has, the more disabled he/she is considered. Ableist society does not want to observe the way people feel about themselves. It just focuses on their physical normality and ability to perform these or those tasks. Therefore, if a person will manage to get to an associative society and find a good job among non-disabled people, it will be a great achievement for both such person and the whole

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