Bibliography Of Bruce, Tin, Learning Through Play, London : Hodder & Stoughton Educational, 2001,

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Annotated bibliography

Bruce, Tin, Learning Through Play, London: Hodder & Stoughton Educational, 2001, Print.
This book features a lot of key topics associated with learning through play. Throughout the book Bruce describes how children learn during the early stages of their life. Bruce highlights key theories and practices on how aspiring teachers can promote learning through play. She believed the purpose of play is to bring together what they know in a connected and whole way. She suggests that play helps children to make connections in their learning.
Many of her examples show how this relates to learning such as being effective symbol users, being able to think in abstract ways, being able to develop their own theory of mind, being creative and imaginative as well as being flexible thinkers. Bruce also gives us a little insight on Key theorist such as Friedrich Froebel and how he adopted natural play of children. This influenced other works of key theorists such as, Margaret MC Millan, Susan Isaacs.

From this book I came across a range of theories and approaches surrounding play and learning. The text elaborates on observation and how they experiment learning in a variety of settings. Bruce quoted other theorists views throughout her work this gave me an understanding of other viewpoints of different theorists. For example Jean Mandler (1996) believed that it was important for children to create a system of meaning which will help encourage the child to develop…

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