Biblical Worldview And Its Impact On Life And Perception Of The World

725 Words Oct 11th, 2016 3 Pages
Every human being possess a unique worldview that is essential to their life and perception of the world. However, a worldview is not a simple interpretation of a singular thing, but rather a central orientation of a person’s beliefs, the core of reality which an individual can build upon. It is a consolidation of beliefs into one holistic perspective. (Word Count XXX) With that definition in consideration, a biblical worldview is a worldview characterized by a fundamental belief in the Bible as the sovereign Word of God, the principle truths it presents, and the responsibility Christians hold to live according to its teachings. The Word of God as the basis of absolute truth is the foundation of a biblical worldview. Its fundamental beliefs can be explained through the events of the Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration. Creation is detailed in Genesis 1:1 and assumes the existence and transcendence of God and His creation of the universe according to His divine design and authority. It is a belief that God has revealed himself and His glory to mankind through His word and, in His perfection and justness, is the ultimate standard of morality, the only standard for right and wrong. According to a biblical worldview, all creation is fallen and separated from God as a result of sin. It holds that the only way to bridge this spiritual gap is through the Redemption plan fulfilled by Jesus Christ. The truth of Jesus Christ as the Son of God, sent to die on the…

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