Biblical Worldview Analysis

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Kaitlynn Nauman
BIBL 110-002
Biblical Worldview: Through the Eyes of Apostle Paul 's Intro
In the beginning when God created this world and things of it all was “good”. As He was creating He labeled the creation of man “very good”. Since reading this statement I have had a different view of myself as a christian and furthermore as a human. Romans was dated in the 50’s of AD. Like Paul’s other letters he is writing to a church, the church of Rome. In the first eight chapters of this letter Paul shapes their worldview as well as it has shaped mine today.
Natural World
The natural world today is the same as it was in 50 AD, full of sin. Today when you watch the news you here of murder, same sex marriage and persecution of the church. Media
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When I gave my life to Christ I took my sin and filth off and put on His righteousness. For the Romans this was a hard concept to understand. Why would God send someone to save all? Paul tells them all you have to do is believe and you will be rid of your sins (4:24-25). They then started to question of whether they are to continue in sin because God 's grace is upon them (6:15). We as christians know the answer to this question; NO. Our filthiness is what pulls us away from God. We should strive as Christians to be more like Christ our savior. This does not mean we are going to live a perfect life, but it does mean we should leave the sins of the past in the past and not continue to fall victim to them. A christian 's life if it is in christ should produce fruit of righteousness that leads to becoming one with God …show more content…
Human relationships can be broken up into two main parts, relationships with others and one 's relationship with God. When talking about a believer 's relationship with God we always hear two main ways to develop a relationship with God: through the Word and through prayer. Prayer changes things. Paul tells the Romans through their weakest times all they have to do is pray and for those who know Him all things will work together for their good (8:26-28). The other half of human relationships is one 's relationship with others. So many times in our culture today we judge others for their sin. Paul warns these people not to judge others, but to leave that judgement for God to do alone (2:1-2). Paul also talks about the error of having relations with the same sex as he does in many of his books (1:26-27). This seemed to be a problem throughout Europe at this time, as it still is a recurring sin today. Often times because of the filth in the world 's Christians will put themselves up on a pedestal. The Jews of Paul 's time did the same thing which his why the Romans asked if the Jews were better off. His answer to them that there is not one righteous (3:10). When we develop relationships with others we have to keep this in mind, “I am not better than that

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