Essay on Biblical Qualifications for Church Leadership

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Liberty Theological Seminary

Biblical Qualifications for Local Church Leadership

A Research Paper

Submitted to Dr. Hester

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirements for the Course

Systematic Theology II

THEO 530


Craig R. Jackson

5 July 2010

Table of Contents

Table of Contents 2

Executive summary 3

1.0 Introduction 4

2.0 New Testament leaders 5

3.0 Address to Titus 6

4.0 Qualifications for Local Church Leaders 7

4.1 Blameless 7

(a) Family of the Leader or Elder 7

(b) Not overbearing 9

(c) Temperance 9

(d) Sobriety 10

(e) Gain 11

4.2 Hospitability 12

(a) Loving what is good 12

(b) Temperance 13

(c) Uprightness 14

(d) Holiness
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This is not possible if the design of leadership desired by God is not followed accordingly. Early church missionaries displayed characteristics such as obedience to the spirit of God, living transformed lives and sufficiency in performance of the allocated tasks[3]. Based on the above background this research paper aims at explaining the qualifications of local church leaders according to the bible.

New Testament leaders

Initial leadership was based on the apostles who directed believers by their gospel[4]. Leadership was divided when need for care of the poor arose and the existing leaders were too few for those needy people. It resulted in the appointment of deacons while the apostles devoted their lives in teaching the word of God and prayer. The work of the apostles widened beyond Jerusalem and there was need for change in the leadership structure. The church of God spread beyond Israel and family elders became the leaders of the newly formed churches. They continued with their tasks as assigned by the apostles. Their tasks included looking after, managing and protecting heavenly families on earth. Paul pleaded with the leaders of the church to guard themselves as well as the believers who are entrusted to their leadership. The primary role of the leaders was to take care of the people of God according to the scriptures (Acts 20:28). Here, leaders are referred to as elders, overseers and shepherds. The work of the elders was to

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