Biblical Psychology ( 1962 / 1995 ) Essays

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The world has offered many things to ponder and question, ranging from the morality of abortion, to the vastness of the universe. Yet, there has been one subject that has rightfully retained the number one slot on the hot topics list, and that would be the notion surrounding the belief in and role of God. Over the centuries, many issues and characteristics have been attributed to Him, with some being correct, as well as incorrect. As a result, various ideas have been tossed about regarding God’s connection to humanity, such as the formation of attitudes and beliefs, and whether or not these are spiritually or psychologically driven. In addition, many conversations have centered around apologetics, and not solely in relation to being able to defend one’s faith, but also with regard to the art of persuasion. Various authors have competed to gain society’s attention and recognition regarding these matters, only to eventually leave one having to elect where they will let their heart lead them. In the book titled Biblical Psychology (1962/1995), Oswald Chambers contrasted opposing views with regard to a person’s make-up, and made this thought provoking statement, “the Bible places in the heart everything the modern psychologist places in the head” (p. 70). While I meditated on the development of my attitudes and my belief in God, I truly believe both were derived from Scripture and God Himself, as both have been instrumental in shaping my heart. There is also the…

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