Biblical Origins And The Logic Behind The Monotheistic Religions

1268 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
Daddy where are you? Please forgive us. These are words that are coming from around four billion Monotheistic people around the world every day. They ask for his forgiveness and kindness in their lives, but the question is where dad is? Why he is not doing anything about all these wars, poverties, hunger, and genocides that gripped human society. Where was him when over 60 million people died in World War Two. What was more important than Darfur genocide, and what does stop him to intervention in human’s society to eliminate the poverty and hunger, and the gap between wealthy and destitute? What is he doing in his life if he is not taking care of his creatures, who are his most famous and favorite creatures? To answer all of these questions we should go back and look at the root of monotheistic religions and their beliefs. In this essay, I try to figure out some answers for these questions by analyzing the Historical origins and the logic behind the Monotheistic religions, and the purpose of prophets.
The belief in the super and infinite power is spread out through all the human society despite their cultural differentiations. The existence of the God has helped people during the centuries to resolve many problems like shortages and wars in their material life, and it benefits them to have a peace of mind and live in comfort zone by relating the most undesirable events to his order and his godliness. However, believing the God by itself has not stop humans from…

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