Miracles In The Bible

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When choosing to approach miracles from a biblical point of view you usually acknowledge that God has created the earth and all things that live within it. That he has created order within creation. We can view creation and natural law as coinciding, simply because we live in a predictable world. That is part of what makes miracles so amazing is the simply fact that they are unexpected. In order to find peace and order in the world there does have to be a system establish that shows order and regulation.
As Christian we live in a loving communal relationship with God. We do not live in a hostile dictatorship where God punishes us if we disobey. God does not randomly change the environment or effects of the world simply because he can. A big question that the concept of Biblical miracles does bring out though is how and when does God intervene in creation. Miracles in the bible are numerous and
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We need to be respectful and open to listening to those with stories, we do not always have to believe, but we should give them respect. In regards to miracles we need to allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, and not doubt the power that it has in our world today. We need to be aware of the prayers that are being said and how the Bible is being interpreted. God is still active in creation and therefor can still preform and initiate miracles in the world today.
Miracles have helped Jews and Christians to realize the presence and power of God in there lives, through scripture and there walk with God. Miracles are a tool that God uses to intact and help creation. In ministry we must be respectful of peoples claims, but skeptical to simply belief. We must challenge our sources and search for true Biblical answers. Miracles show us that God has complete power over creation and our lives; he has the best intentions for our

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