Biblical Interpretation Of The Middle Ages Essay

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As the Middle Ages began to make way there was a battle between literal interpretation of Scripture and allegorical interpretation. Medieval Interpreter, Martin Luther relied solely on the literal meaning of scripture, challenged the authority of the Catholic Church as well as the Church Fathers. Luther despised the incorporation of allegory while performing interpretation. Luther 's extreme dislike of the use of allegory came directly from extreme levels of dislike for the arrogance of the Catholic Church and it’s Officials. Luther provides great reason for this belief when he discusses his views on the Garden of Eden, compared to members of the Catholic Church. As a child, Martin Luther’s eyes were forced to be centered upon the harsh realities of life in poverty, his father, a poor miner, and his mother, forced to haul all wood back home on her back. Enforced by his mother, Luther was under strict discipline in his household and they were quite religious as well. Luther recalled in his youth his mother punishing him by the wrath of her hand until blood seeped from his battered body for stealing a single nut. While Luther and his parent’s dwelled in poverty a great portion of his father’s lineage were successful farmers rooted in the land of Mohra and were slowly rising up the ladder of social status through marriage. The lineage of Luther’s mother, the Lindemann 's, were distinguished, highly-educated, and heavily involved in religion. All in all Luther himself was born…

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