Biblical Evolution And Biblical Creation As A Worldview

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Biblical Creation as a Worldview
Should Biblical Creationism be presented parallel with evolution as a valid explanation of the origin of the universe? The secular system is accepting evolution as fact, when evolution is really a worldview in which one sees the facts. The argument can then be made that if one must exert faith to believe evolution, then Biblical Creationism should not be disqualified as an equal explanation. National evangelist and former atheist Kirk Cameron (2004) writes, “Evolution is a religion that is believed by men and women…I was one of them until I was willing to investigate the facts” (p. 418). Cameron is expressing that individuals can accept evolution just as they would religion. Society should consider Biblical
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One believe carbon dating is accurate, others see it as inadequate (depending on the lens in which you view the results. Evolutionists will also explain adaptation and natural selection differently than a Biblical Creationist. Nevertheless, both parties look at the same facts, but what differentiates them is the ‘lens’ (or worldview) in which these facts are interpreted. Whether one chooses to look through the lens of the Bible or evolution, one must choose to exhibit some type of faith. The argument is understandable that evolution is just as much a worldview as Biblical Creation. Considering both Evolution and Biblical Creation as worldviews, Biblical Creation is a valid explanation of the origins of life and the …show more content…
Despite ridicule from naturalists and secularists, the Bible has foretold scientific and historical facts before mankind had any idea of them. Evangelist Kirk Cameron and evangelist Ray Comfort teach about the authority of scripture by revealing scientific facts in the Bible that took humankind years after its discover. They explain that the Bible educates about the hydraulic/water cycle centuries before scientists discovered it (see Ecclesiastes 11:3, Amos 9:6 and Job 28:26) (Comfort & Cameron, 2004). In Jonah 2:6, the Bible also speaks about mountains on the ocean floor long before scientists had the means to discover the mountains (Comfort & Cameron, 2004). Perhaps the most astonishing of these examples is that God spoke of blood as being the source of life (Lev. 17:11) centuries before medical science realized that ‘bloodletting’ was harmful to sick people, not helpful (Comfort & Cameron, 2004). From these examples (which there are many more) the argument of the Bible’s authority is very

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