Essay on Bible Study : Numbers 11-20

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Bible Study: Numbers 11-20 Highlighted in Numbers 11-20 are the grumblings of the Israelites as they began their journey to the Promised Land. They wandered for 40 years in the wilderness, disenchanted with their situation. They eventually rebelled against God not trusting His promises.
Read and Discuss
A. Locate and discuss the various grumblings of the Israelites. What similarities exist in each? What are the differences? 1. Numbers 11:1-3 a. The Israelites complained to God. b. God’s anger became aroused and He responded with fire, burning the outskirts of camp. c. Moses interceded with prayer ton God. d. God showed mercy and the fire died down. e. The place was named Taberah. 2. Numbers 11:4-35 a. The Israelites were tired of manna. They craved meat and wailed to God. They questioned why they had left Egypt as the reminisced about the food they ate in Egypt. b. God became angry at the Israelites. c. Moses became frustrated, asking God why he had to carry the burden of these people. d. God showed mercy to Moses and put the Spirit on seventy elders from the tribes to assist Moses with the burdens he felt. e. God heard their wailing and gave them quail in excess that after a month they would loathe it. f. God struck them with a plague and those who craved meat died. g. The place was named Kibroth Hattaavah. They traveled to Hazeroth. 3. Numbers 12:1-16 a. Miriam and Aaron questioned Moses’…

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