Bible Dictionary Project 2 Essay

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Bible Dictionary Project 2 Mary E. Edwards
Bible 104
Dr. Tom Davis
Liberty University

The book of Romans
The book of Romans was written by the apostle Paul. The readers of Romans know this because he identifies himself as “Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ.” The literary genre of Romans is epistle. Paul is writing a letter to the Christians of churches in Rome. Many believe that Paul wrote Romans around the year of 57 A.D. They believe this because Romans were written towards the end of Paul’s third missionary journey and his arrest in Jerusalem. Paul wrote this letter to the churches in Rome in order to prepare them for his ministry there. He must have met many of them through his travels and missions in the past
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It is believed but not proven that money (30 silver coins) was the reason Judas lead the Jewish officials to the garden Jesus and his disciples were praying in. However when Judas learned that his actions had lead Jesus to his death, Judas was overwhelmed with remorse. Matthew 27; 5 states that Judas became depressed and hung himself and Acts 1;18 states that Judas fell to the ground and his intestines spattered out. His actions of betrayal to Jesus lead him to his own horrible death around the year 30A.D.

The place; The Sea of Galilee
The Sea of Galilee really isn’t a sea at all, it is a fresh water lake located in northeast Israel. This lake is about 160 feet deep, 8 miles wide and 13 miles long. It is cantered at the bottom of hills and mountains that seem to tower over it. This location is known to produce very strong storms and heavy rains. The waves from the lake can be very high and dangerous. In Luke 8:23 Jesus calmed one of these storms when he and his disciples were caught out on a small boat on the Sea of Galilee. In the gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke; Jesus finds the men Simon, Andrew, James, and John along the shores of the Sea of Galilee and makes them part of his disciples. It is thought that the Sea of Galilee is the place where Jesus yelled to Peter from the shoreline to toss his net to the other side of the boat in order to catch fish. When Peter did this, He had so many fish, his net could not hold

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