Biased Perception Of Biased Language Essays

1001 Words Jan 26th, 2015 null Page
Biased language is constantly evolving and changing as society changes. Things that were once acceptable words and terms as a way of classifying groups of people are politically incorrect and offensive to those groups of people. Stereotyping is also a way that many people offend others. However, such biased language is still used in everyday conversations. Sometimes the use of this language is done so unknowingly or the person using it is unaware of just how offensive this langue can be. Biased language is used to classify and stereotype people of radial and ethnic groups, and it is used in a lot of everyday conversation. In the conversations I experienced in conversations I had and in ones I heard others having contained more racial and ethnic stereotyping than slur words alone. The stereotype that came up most often was that people who are black are criminals or are gang members. I also experienced this stereotype being applied to people of Hispanic origin, but not quite as often as it was used to stereotype people who are black. The second racial stereotype that was brought to my attention a lot was people who are Asian being smart, or doing well in the areas of math and science. When people mentioned this stereotype though they also thought that someone who is Asian is automatically from China. Others thought that country of origin did not make a difference, which it does, when they refer to a person who is Asian. Biased language towards people of radials and ethnic…

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