Bias: Stereotype and People Essay

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Communicating and Making Decision in Right Ways
Living in the world, we face different kinds of people every day, which means we need to communicate with others and make decisions upon others. Naturally, the attitude and method in dealing with diversity becomes a basic skill for people. It is important to know how to communicate and make decisions in a proper way. Facing diverse people and objects, people usually classify them. The advantage people gain from classification is organizing and making things easier to understand. However, when it comes to communication and decision-making, classification may cause some problems. As the name indicates, the topic of the book goes around stereotype, and it provides the readers a better
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There is research shows that there are increasing chance that negative stereotype could activate the people who are stereotyped to become members of the stereotyped group (Campbell & Mohr, 2011). After reading the book, I understood that the stereotypes, which people use to help them understand or sort something they do not really know about, may turn our to lead them to the wrong places.
In business, the main inefficiency of stereotype is in management, which is always considered to be a barrier that prevents people from making the right decisions. There is research shows that when the perceived positive stereotypes are brought into the forefront of people, the stereotypes can affect people by making them do worse on something that they can do better (Killermann). In fact, there are some people we do not know very well that are always stereotyped by us. We tend to judge them by their “groups”, which seems easier for us to classify them without taking much time to understand who they really are. Especially when facing people with different skin tones, religions and nations, it seems that we will easily get into stereotypes. For example, I used to think and say that African American people are good at sports and Asian people are good in math.

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