Bias On Teachers And Parents When Noticing Signs Of Adhd Essay

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Bias in teachers and parents when noticing signs of ADHD Student Name
University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Introduction When looking for behaviors of ADHD in a child who would be the first to notice them? Is it the parent or the teacher who spends most of the day with the child? It is with the knowledge I have of working with children that a teacher is more likely to notice the signs first. This is my belief because in school a child is in a structured setting and some of the behaviors they may have may interfere with not only the learning of themselves but the learning of others around them. Speaking as a parent of a child with ADHD I noticed the signs in my son very early but was quick to dismiss them as he just being a boy or that boy doesn’t mature as fast as girls. But when his actions started to make him fall behind in school and his teachers were telling me something may be wrong I started to notice for myself that something might be wrong. I wanted to do this study for myself and other parents to show that we may overlook signs or when we get a bad report from a teacher we look at it as their being mean to our child. When starting out with the study I was expecting to see that more parents thought they would notice the signs first. So I ask is there a bias between parents and teachers when noticing signs of ADHD? Before I would have said yes parents are more biased and are easier to look over the signs of ADHD.


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