Bharat Heavy Equipment Repair Plant

Heavy Equipment Repair Plant
Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited


At the outset, I thank the Lord Almighty for the grace, strength and hope to make my endeavour a success.
I also express my gratitude to Mr. Ashawni Kumar Sr. Manager Maintenance and my Training Guide Mr. SUNIL TIWARI (Dy Manager production) for providing me with adequate facilities, ways and means by which I was able to complete this training. I express my sincere gratitude to him for his constant support and valuable suggestions without which the successful completion of this report would not have been possible.
I again thank my project Guide and Mr. Vikash Srivastava for their boundless cooperation and helps extended for this
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BHEL was established more than 40 years on the first floor was installed in Bhopal preaching the Heavy Electrical Equipment Industry indigenous to India that dream was more than realized with a proven track record of performance that has been acquiring benefits -72.BHEL continuously since 1971 to meet the needs of key sectors of the Indian economy in the sense, power transmission and generation, industry, transport, communications and renewable energy, and defense, and so extensive network of band 14 manufacturing BHEL, the energy sector, the four regional toured more than 150 project sites, eight service centers and 18 regional offices, enables the company to serve customers promptly and provide the right products, systems and services - efficiently and at competitive prices. BHEL has already achieved ISO 9000 quality management certification and ISO 14001 environmental management …show more content…
Units and helical worm gear shaft mounted on the vertical axis the main. Plate mounted on the upper part of the shaft spin at 40-65 rpm. To a certain mill, and speed is provided refrigerators .Integral fixed at the base of the water recycling plant to remove heat from the oil. The systems are used lubricating oil is also to cool the outer gearbox oil, which consists of a motor driven cooling pump and filter. To prevent the entry of coal gearbox, is to provide a system of air sealing.

Hot air for drying the primary and the transfer of pulverized coal enters the side of the mill isolated and Liner Assembly. Tramp iron pyrites and stones next to the mill with the transfer of raw coal Cup and being a heavy fall on the side of the mill and installation of linear. And scrape and pour this Assembly through hopper pyrite tramp iron pipe and valve.

Assembly magazine includes grinding rollers are mounted on the separator body. Force is applied from the grinding pressure adjustment spring. Roller assembly can be moved up and down depending on the status of the bed roll and coal. Body separator consists of linear arrays airflow shot in the center of the

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