Essay on Beyond The Spotlight : The Misrepresentation Of Women

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Beyond The Spotlight: The Misrepresentation of Women
TLC’s original music video, “Unpretty” and Susan Bordo’s essay, “Material Girl” critiques the way women portray themselves by society’s definition of beauty. Women will compete for their spouse’s attention against other females with sexually, idolized bodies because they feel they lack certain aspects. Women must learn to love themselves before they can love someone else and know their self-worth; otherwise, they may take whatever that person thinks and feels about them and have the same outlook about themselves. Women are putting themselves through unrealistic, desperate measures to pleasure themselves and to typically fit into society’s stereotypes with getting plastic surgeries, the usage of cosmetics, and dieting.
People listen to more of what society thinks and the way they want to portray women rather than listening to own self. Bordo asserts ”women are never happy” by putting into perspective of how women can be externally motivated, having them to rely on others thoughts and feelings to make themselves feel better instead of internally motivating themselves. Also, they may not like the way surgery results each time and end up going back for more to gain that “perfect” look they desire Women think that changing up their natural bodies by getting surgeries resulting in big boobs, a big butt, or even being skinny is what…

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