Beyond The Lights And Real Women Have Curves Analysis

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In Beyond the Lights and Real Women Have Curves, appearance encapsulates women 's oppression. Through glimpses of self-image and societal norms and expectations of women, it is evident that appearance illustrates the oppressive nature of society 's expectation of a woman 's role. In both Beyond the Lights and Real Women Have Curves it encompasses the struggle of women being perceived in a particular way. Through the use of men in these two works, it puts into perspective how women are expected to uphold a particular image and how hard it is to break away from the social norm.
Certainly, there is no disagreement that the two works presented the idea that men are always in control and that women need to be rescued. Some characters such as Pancha, Carmen, and Macy seemed to think that they can 't do anything without the help of men. These characters give off the impression that they are trying to "brainwash" the rest of the women. Pancha, for example, appears not to be as supportive of Ana 's views because she thought that the solution to everything was "If you were married you would realize it." (Lopez, 34). On the other hand, Ana 's idea that" We have the right to control our destinies." (Lopez, 34) made Pancha and Ana stumble across several arguments
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In Beyond the lights, there was a scene where Noni was at the Billboard Awards. While Noni was waiting for the results, she was wearing a big choker necklace. The big collar foreshadowed the behavior of a chained dog throughout the rest of the movie. In the film, Noni was in a relationship with Kid Culprit, even though she didn 't have any genuine feelings towards him. Noni, in a way, was forced to be with Kid Culprit because her mom "brainwashed"

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