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Beyond the Forest

I rolled out of bed and yawned. I decided to go horseback riding so I could see the morning sunrise. I threw on some dark green riding clothes (because that’s my favorite color) and ran out the door. I walked the familiar path and I was almost at the stable when I heard footsteps making their way toward me. Without turning around I yelled, “Adrian I know you 're behind me!” The footsteps stopped, I heard a swish and before I could blink, Adrian was upside down hanging from the stable roof.

He said “Hello Raven. Up for some horseback riding today?” I smiled, I never could say no to Adrian. He was a tall, dusty blond, cheeky Tillian elf that never could resist showing off. Adrian’s wavy, dusty blond hair shone in the sunlight as he dropped to his feet and held out an apple. He said “I even brought an apple for White Lightning.”

“You can come along. I was planning on riding White Lightning today and practice my archery anyway.” I began to mull over the last few days. My name is Raven Diamond Cloud. I am a Tillian elf that lives in the kingdom of Rose. The Tillian people’s arch enemy are the Wartacks. They are twice the height of a Tillian and made entirely of rock. We have been fighting them since the beginning of time. There is absolutely no hope for peace. Their king is Mortog, emperor of the Wartacks. Mortog is a Tillian elf that believes the Council of the…

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