Beyond Strategies And Activities Promote Literacy Pbl Essay

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Beyond strategies and activities to promote literacy PBL brings to the table some unique benefits that contribute to learning. Paulo Blikstein of Stanford University noted a 25% increase in performance tasks when students explored materials prior to reading text or watching a video rather than after (as cited in Marshall, 2016, p. 87). Also, with the implement of PBL, students will find the content relevant when they seek to solve a problem they care about. This makes them more likely to stay engaged and apt to perform to high standards because of the public exhibition piece. Also the collaborative skills required to complete something of the problem or project-based magnitude bring learning to an all new level (Ross, 2012). Project and problem-based learning attends to all of the desired outcomes administrators and business professionals need from a high school graduates plus some.
PBL and Business. Business education has a strong link to problem and project-based pedagogical approaches. Many of the goals of business education could not be attained otherwise: informational literacy; career and technology awareness and exploration; acquired skills to be operational consumers, citizens, workers, and business leaders; application of work based skills and employability skills; and the attainment of business experience through connections to the real world (Radar et al, 2013, p. 27 and 32). The National Business Education Association also outlines standards with which…

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