Beyond Storm And Stress By Breaking It Apart Essay

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In the article, Beyond Storm and Stress: Typicality, transactions, timing, and temperament to account for adolescent change, Hollenstein and Lougheed describe the hypothesis of “Storm and Stress” by breaking it apart and revising each key point with the recent 4T hypothesis. Throughout the article, Hollenstein and Lougheed discuss adolescent change in the subcategories that lie within the primary focuses of the commentary. They thoroughly discuss the evolution of an adolescent’s behavior, which is broken down into three primary categories; biological changes, then environment they’re exposed to, and emotional-regulation skills. “The decrease in self-control (storm), and the corresponding increase in sensitivity to surrounding stimuli (stress)” (Hollenstein & Lougheed 444), is a well-known hypothesis on how and why adolescents end up acting in their own characteristic way and become the individuals they are due to environmental stimulus and biological change. It was believed that “Storm and Stress” was “ubiquitous and inevitable.” As the authors further discuss throughout the article they disprove certain points of the “Storm and Stress” hypothesis in favor of the newer more thorough 4T hypothesis, which gives a broader explanation of the influencing factors of adolescent behavior. This new hypothesis is far more universal and is applicable to many people because it factors in many widespread variables understanding that not everyone goes through life in the same manner.…

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