Essay on Beyond Sovereignty On Intergovernmental Organizations

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Chapter two of Beyond Sovereignty focuses on intergovernmental organizations and its responses to globalization. An intergovernmental organization (IGO) consists of state governments which form together to serve a common interest and carry out functions. These interests can range from global perspectives, such as the United Nations, to technical ones, like the Universal Postal Union. Many IGOs were created after World War II in order to unify governments on an international scale. However, as the Cold War raged on, globalization through IGOs was interrupted because it could not rival powerful countries, such as the United States or the Soviet Union. As the Cold War ended, an era of globalization occurred. The Soviet Union was broken up which lead to the creation of new, democratically-centered states. Decolonization of countries also caused more states to form, although many of them had opposing views that were different than the West. IGOs gained more power with the opening of economies. With globalization increasing, an IGO called the International Monetary Fund (IMF) helped governments get more foreign investments which lead to economies opening up globally. The changing of technology also plays an important role alongside globalization. For example, the Internet provides people immediate access to information from all over the world. Anyone can learn any international political and economic activity through the Internet. The opening of societies and the economy and the…

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