Essay on Beyonce : Life And The Types Of Things That They Like

1001 Words Nov 15th, 2015 null Page
It’s hard to put a general definition on what is consider beautiful because everyone has a different opinion on life and the types of things that they like. As a young woman, we just want to look pretty, dress cute, and look thin. So we admire people who achieve what we want to be. So I know this may sound crazy but I consider Beyoncé to be beautiful. I think Beyoncé is beautiful because she is perfect in every way. She has pretty hairstyles, cute clothes, and she has good skin. I know I may sound so basic but it’s the truth there’s nothing Beyoncé has done that wasn’t perfect. Beyoncé is the idea of “perfect” she is what every young girl wants to look like because is known as the most beautiful women and who wouldn’t try to look like the most beautiful women. For example, her skin and make up always looks so good women will spend thousands of dollars to look like her and it will not matter as long as they can look like Beyoncé.
She also wears very stylish clothes and has very nice bags. So if you see Beyoncé with a $40,000 bag women will go try to buy that same $40,000 bag knowing that they can’t afford to pay that price. Not realizing that $40,000 to Beyoncé is like $100 to a normal person. So in reality were trying to keep up with someone we will never be able to compare to but as long as you try is all that matters.
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