Beyonce : A Strong Female Essay

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a strong female who is in control of her own successful career. In summary, she stands for strong messages that come through both in her music endeavors and her personal brand.
Beyoncé uses technology as a substantial element of her marketing, which projects her brand image and conveys the messages she wants to spread. In 2013, Beyoncé released her self-titled album digitally as a surprise, with no release date set in advance (Kinos-Goodin, 2015). This upset former record release plans set by labels since the beginning of popular music. A surprise move such as this could not be possible without using the Internet, as the secret would be out as soon as the album was sent to the distributor to make physical copies. Furthermore, the surprise release secured Beyoncé’s position as a cutting-edge artist, who defines and influences trends. Since the release of her surprise album, a number of artists have followed similar release methods. This is a useful example because it proves how Beyoncé is making use of technology and demonstrates her influential power.
Beyoncé has solidified her status as a cultural icon, and thus has arguable influence over deeper issues, such as feminism. Feminism is a major component in Beyonce’s image. As stated above, she embraces her sexuality and lobbies for female empowerment. On a direct level, she has labeled herself a feminist and integrates it into her work.
At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Beyoncé performed a series of songs from her…

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