Salem Witch Trials Bewitchment

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During 1692, Massachusetts was in a time of infamy. Due to the fact of the Salem Witch Trials, many people and families were greatly affected. The Salem Witch Trials consisted of people being accused of bewitchment. Hangings, stoning or banishment were all consequences of being found guilty. The effect that the trials had on the people of the town was it had them living in constant fear. A grand total of 200 people were accused of bewitchment (Land of).
Salem Witch Trials started off in Massachusetts during mid June. The hometown of Salem Witch Trials was in the Salem Village. In an Asia - Pacific Economics Blog it states that the bewitchment of the people in Salem village occured when someone saw the “familiars”. This was the name given
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The people finally realized that accusing everyone and everything then hanging of them all was not doing any good to the community they finally stopped. There was a grand total of 19 victims of the witch hunt. One man was crushed to death by the stones of Salem and the rest were sentenced to be hung in front of the whole town of Salem. Research stated that at least four people had died in prison waiting on their trials (EyeWitness). Not to mention that plenty of animals such as: cats, dogs, mice, geese and frogs were killed also (Apecsec). Many people would say that the community of Salem village were quite “out of their minds”. The people were always trying to find ways the Devil was entering the city. Study shows that the people of Salem village was not under bewitchment. Kathy W. Alexander suggests that the people of Salem were only under “a certain amount of stress, asthma, guilt, boredom, child abuse, epilepsy and delusional psychosis”. In the Land of the Brave Info. it states that the witches were known as “sexual abominations”. The reason why the also stopped the trials was because if one confess they are a witch they will not be put to death. The reason why is because of in the Land of the Brave it says that the Devil was to never confess. This is why it was a necessity to gain a confession from the accused witches. On October 12, the community decided to end the Salem Witch Trials. They finally started to believe that Salem village was accusing and killing innocent lives (Witchcraft in Salem). Groups of villagers started to doubt the evidence in court for the accused witches. All the witches that were in jail were finally released. Salem village then cleared all the names of all the people that were accused. The impact of the story of Salem Witch Trials was scary. The community constantly lived in fear of being accused of bewitchment. The community was scared of

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