Beverage Companies Combining Wellmune With Other Functional Ingredients

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1. Are you seeing beverage companies combining Wellmune with other functional ingredients in RTD beverages to offer consumers several functional benefits? Can you give me examples?
Yes, we see beverage manufactures interested in combining Wellmune with other functional ingredients. One reason is that it Wellmune can help drive product differentiation to reach a growing consumer demand for RTD beverages that offer immune health benefits. Whether it is a single benefit (immune enhancement) and/or products offering a combination of immunity and other benefits, combining Wellmune with other ingredients such as protein or probiotics gives product manufactures a competitive advantage within their market by providing more function within a single product.

Also, interest in including Wellmune in a combination product is strongly driven by our science and clinical ability to strengthen the immune system. This gives product manufactures a wide range of compelling, consumer validated claims supported by Wellmune research.

Our latest clinical study, demonstrates Wellmune’s ability to children significantly healthier by decreasing episodes of common childhood illnesses and symptoms of illness such as upper respiratory tract infection symptoms (URTI). The study was presented at the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (A.S.P.E.N.)’s Clinical Nutrition Week 2016, and voted Best International Abstract. More information can be found here:…

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