Betty Ford's Leadership Experience In The Public Eye

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Register to read the introduction… Ford’s leadership style was a desire to represent her true self. This was likely a result of personal, moral and ethical philosophies, which acted as a guide in her public and private life. Through leading from the heart, Mrs. Ford was able to establish herself as a relatable figure who was open and honest about her triumphs as well as her faults. As Bandsuch, Pate and Thies (2008) note, transparency exhibited by a leader helps to positively contribute to follower loyalty and satisfaction. This was evident when Mrs. Ford publicly expressed her personal views on controversial topics such as abortion rights and marijuana use. Although initial public opinion dropped after her statements aired, Mrs. Ford’s approval rating promptly recovered and even improved to 75 percent within a few months. Mrs. Ford’s courage, wisdom and discipline also contributed to efforts to remain transparent in the public eye. Through broadcasting her personal struggles with breast cancer and substance abuse, Mrs. Ford was able to increase awareness of what were likely, at the time, undiscussed or controversial topics. She was also able to use the information and knowledge garnered from her battle with cancer and substance abuse to educate the public and provide a sense of support for those coping with similar circumstances. The resulting workings of the bulls-eye rings helped to define Mrs. Ford as a leader who presented a sincere desire to assist and encourage the American public in achieving goals and with personal growth and development. In many regards, this enabled Mrs. Ford to forge a mentorship, even from afar, with those who gravitated towards her leadership approach. This was accomplished through Mrs. Ford’s ability to stand strong in her personal beliefs, a commitment to transparency, a desire to contribute to the betterment of the nation and personal self-awareness. When leaders are self-aware, they are able to mindfully utilize their position to make a …show more content…
Ford, I have drawn on personal convictions and experiences in my attempts to make a difference. This is evident based on the decision to further my education and obtain a graduate degree. At the heart of my decision to return to school was a belief that in doing so, I would be bettering myself and more importantly, improving the opportunities for my family. My personal belief in the value of education is related in large part to the struggles my parents experienced when I was child. Despite their views on the importance of an education, neither had the opportunity to obtain a degree. This however, did not diminish their expectation that my sisters and I would attend college. The heavy expectation propelled my pursuit of a college degree and ultimately helped to define personal goals into my

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