Better Health for Everyone: Health Care in Two Worlds Essays

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The article, “Better Health for Everyone: Health Care in Two Worlds” revolves around the central idea of the difference between health care available to the wealthy and the poor. Every Nation in the world has access to health care for its people. However, some of the Nations are rich while some are not. This brings huge difference in their health care system. As a result, for different worlds, the idea of better health care is different.
This world consists of rich as well as poor. There is always a disparity between these two groups. In wealthier countries, health care is available for almost everybody. While in poorer countries, due to high cost for health care, most people are dying from
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This is even worse for poor Nations where children are losing their lives suffering from easily preventable disease such as malaria, measles, whopping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis and diarrhea. This is no longer a problem in wealthier Nations due to the access of safe water, adequate sanitation and mass immunization programs. However, for poor countries, successful public health care programs are simply not affordable.
For solving this problem in developing Nations, there should be focus on primary health care which includes clean water, satisfactory sanitation and mass vaccination. Also, there should be effective health education programs and awareness programs for people to get alert. Because of the immediate need of basic health treatment for all of the people living in poorer Nations, Governments of developing countries are developing health centers with doctors, nurses and adequate drugs. Also, they are training health workers under international programs. If this is accessible for the citizens of developing countries, then there can be enormous improvement in the health of people living there. Small changes or improvements in the health care system can bring a very large change in lives of people in the poorer Nations.
For the wellbeing of people, primary health care should be available in both developed and developing countries. Some Nations have achieved success in providing basic knowledge about

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