Essay on Better Expansion Of Buddhism Around The World

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To understand better expansion of Buddhism around the world, which is being practiced by more than 300 million people currently, one needs to look back to its birth and understand the peaceful nature and humanity of Buddhism, it diversity and methods of teaching, which makes it a fit for different cultures and societies. Buddhism was founded in Northeast India in Sixth century B.C. by a young prince who lived a privileged life for 29 years. In this predominantly Hindu land, corruption existed between the Hindu priests and social imbalance led to forming of new philosophies. However it wasn’t until Prince Siddharta Gautama flied from his palace to a discovery of poverty, deceases and hunger outside the Palace walls that triggered his decision to leave his privileged life behind, give away all his belongings and start a search for “enlightenment through the abandonment of basic needs” ( He started his quest with a period of starvation which led him to the realization that poverty was not the answers and that there should be Middle Path between wealthy and starved. He found nirvana and enlightenment after mediating for 40 days, and was known from that point on as “Awakened One” or Buddha. He traveled through India spreading his teachings and shearing with those who were interested and receptive. ” He did not ask others to denounce and give up their own religion and convert to a new one” (Berzin, 2012). He was a teacher, trying to help others overcome the…

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