Betrayation In The Characters In William Shakespeare's Hamlet

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Hamlet is a famous play written by William Shakespeare that have been played throughout the century. Also, it was a popular play in modern European culture. In William Shakespeare play Hamlet, it caused a lot of death to the royalties because of the death of Hamlet father. Hamlet shows revenge, murder and treason, unfulfilled love and madness. Throughout Hamlet there was many forms of betrayal towards the characters. The betrayal in Hamlet causes an entire family to fall. Three characters portray different forms of betrayal, Ophelia, Gertrude, and Hamlet himself who shows the means of betrayal.
Hamlet the prince of Denmark is the main character of the play. Returning to Demark to attended his father and the king Claudius who marries
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Hamlet Father the former King of Denmark who was murdered by his brother, Claudius. His sprint haunts the castle and Hamlet. Hamlet father was known to be a powerful warrior. Gertrude is Hamlet mother, wife of Claudius and widow from Hamlet father. She is an important role to Hamlet, even though she felt guilty of remarrying after her husband death. Claudius Hamlet uncle who became King of Denmark after his brother death. He had married His brother widow. Also, felt guilty of murdering his own brother and wanted to kill his nephew, but his nephew end up killing him. Horatio is a friend of Hamlet who ends up being the King of Denmark. Horatio helps Hamlet throughout the play and provide him information on his father sprint. Polonius is the father of both Laertes and Ophelia and a grandfather to Ophelia child. He is known to …show more content…
No one knows the proper birth date of William Shakespeare; however, he was baptized in the Holy Trinity Church were his mother was buried. William Shakespeare is known to be one of Literature most famous poet. He is “called the English national poet and considered by many to be the greatest dramatist of all time” (Brown). Also, he was a “writer of great intellectual rapidity, perceptiveness, and poetic power” (Brown). Shakespeare was one of “John and Mary Shakespeare 's oldest surviving child” (“Shakespeare”). His father, John Shakespeare, has been described as a glover or whiteware, and his mother Mary Arden, was from a noted local family (Griffith). Shakespeare did not attend a university. Instead he got married at the age of 18 to Anne Hathaway. In addition, he had worked in London, the center of England theater. During renaissance period, men could become actors, which they play both male and female characters. Shakespeare was known to be an actor, playwright and leading in company. Shakespeare plays were written in the 16 and 17 centuries and was being played in theaters in many countries throughout the

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