Betrayal Of Louis Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Much was lost due to the seven year war and the American war of independence. France lacked money to uplift the economy. However all the opponents of the system were not blood thirsty revolutionaries. Correct leadership could have led France towards a different path which may have helped them once again to earn their wealth and prosperity. The ultimate betrayal by the king came when he pretended to accept the constitution, making many believe it was the end of the revolution. He betrayed France by getting help from the Austrians to outsmart the revolutionaries. He communicated with other foreign nations, and with some help he forged a fake passport and tried to flee with his family from France to Austrian territory. Had he been able to enlist the support of the Austrians, the entire state of France would have been at civil war. He did not have the strength of character or foresight to pursue needed reforms when possible or to deal with the Revolution when it occurred. His undoing of the judicial reforms of his grandfather cost him prestige and his reign was marked by the increasing strength of the aristocrats, who opposed most economic and administrative …show more content…
He also made promises to abolish the’’ lettres de cachet’’ and certain privileges of the first and third estates. Louis also disagreed to the Declarations of the Rights of Man and Citizens when it was read out to him. He oppressed and exploited the freedom of the people. He was a vain monarch and his somewhat attempts to abolish feudalism and restore freedom to the people was not fulfilled.
His queen Marie Antoinette was his biggest obstacle when it came to personal affairs. She influenced him in many ways. It was because of her that Necker was dismissed as he accused her of wasting money on unnecessary items such as dresses, wigs, shoes, etc. she may have not told the people, ‘’If you cannot eat bread, eat cake’’, but it definitely gave them that impression. The public was so convinced that it was Antoinette who had single-handedly ruined France's finances that they gave her the nickname "Madame Deficit.’’ It was certainly clear that she had power over the naïve and weak

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