Best Qualities Of American Presidents Essay

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Best Qualities of American Presidents Throughout the existence of the United States, presidents have come and gone that have left impressions on the country. Their actions would shape how the country currently is. Many of the greatest presidents this country has had have excelled in certain traits and qualities. Those qualities would define how they would be looked on by history. The qualities that make a great presidents are charisma, political braveness, and intelligence. The first and most important quality is charisma. Charisma is the charm that a person has that can inspire people. It’s important for a president to have it so the people are inspired by them and want to work to make a better country. Lincoln would show his charisma during stressful situations by cracking jokes and telling stories to try and calm everyone down if just a little. This was important to keep situation from getting too stressful which can cause people to make mistakes. Another important thing is that charisma makes a person likeable which is always beneficial for a leader. The better a president 's image is the more he can usually accomplish. While Lincoln’s charisma did some part in convincing representatives to pass the 13th amendment the main reason it happened was due to some legally questionable moves like delaying the peace envoy. Continuing on, John F. Kennedy had the highest average approval rating at over 70% which would make him the most popular president of all time. His…

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