Best Practices Of Business Communication Essay

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Best Practices in Business Communication Effective communication skills, techniques, and practices in the workplace are vital for organizational success; poor business communication practices often lead to poor business operations. Employees’ aptitude to demonstrate effective communication practices in a professional environment are necessary, and managers should promote worthy communications by ensuring employees are skilled and effective communicators (Timmins, 2011). Although there are numerous facets of business communication best practices, this paper will primarily focus on best practices - and the associated challenges - as they relate to workplace ethics and professionalism, intercultural communication and writing tips to consider when addressing an intercultural audience, and the electronic media used to support best practices in business communication.
Various Aspects of Best Practices in Business Communication Communicating is a method of sharing information, and environmental surroundings and size of an organization play a major role in how information is distributed and interpreted. Businesses are operating in an ever-changing environment. In order for an organization to maintain a competitive edge, the organization should continually assess its internal and external business practices to assess methods of enhancing its operational efficiency, to include improving on its overall business communication techniques. When addressing communication in the…

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