Essay about Best Practices For Managing Global Supply Chain Risks

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Fourth, a cybersecurity industry should also ask their supplier if they are using in-licenses. There are a variety of programs and services that are given built-in licenses that can be abused by their company employees. It is important for cybersecurity industries to make sure that the supplier monitors these licenses that may be abused by their own employees. Fifth, one final question that a cybersecurity industry should ask when they are communicating with their suppliers is what kind of software that is critical to their operations. Many suppliers have a variety of applications that they user to analyze and manage their organizations operations. It is important for the industry to ask this question because the industry can be able to help the supplier understand some of the software risks that may affect the supplier’s organization. In fact, the software in the supplier’s organizations can also affect their other clients as well.
Best Practices for Managing Global Supply Chain Risks: There are a variety of practices that a cybersecurity industry should implement that address a variety of global supply chain risks that can harm the industries products and services. For instance, one practice that can be implemented is having the industry make routine visits to their supplier. These site visits will “allow procurement officers to ensure that workplace practices and product quality are consistent with their expectations, as well as to increase the likelihood of early…

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