Best Moments Of My Life

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There have been many chapters in my life, thus far. The transition between chapters were often marked by significant milestones. When I look back on my life, the milestones are what stand out the most to me. They were some of the best moments of my life. The first chapter of my life was from birth to kindergarten. For me, kindergarten was only half a day. It was the first time I was away from my mom every day because she stayed home to take care of me. I remember having a difficult time adjusting to kindergarten. Although I don’t remember much about this chapter of my life, the memory that stands out the most to me is kindergarten graduation. At graduation, I took pictures with my best friends. Also, I received a reward for academic success. …show more content…
I was in elementary school from first grade to sixth grade. I have many fond memories of my elementary school career. Two of my favorite memories from elementary school are a field trip to the Children’s Museum of Pittsburg and a pumpkin decoration contest. The field trip to the Children’s Museum was so much fun because my friends and I were able to play many games there and enjoy ourselves. The pumpkin decoration contest was a very special day because my grandmother came to school with me to help me decorate my pumpkin. We decorated my pumpkin to look like the ocean by painting it blue and putting stickers of fish on the outside of it. Although we didn’t win, we had a blast and we will both cherish the memory of that day for a long time. The event that marked the ending of my elementary career was sixth grade graduation. Sixth grade graduation was a very special day because my classmates and I dressed up and were honored in front of our family members. At the ceremony, I received an academic achievement for always making honor roll. After the ceremony, there was a dance to celebrate our graduation. The ceremony and dance were a nice way to end elementary school. Sixth grade graduation is the milestone that represents the transition from chapter two of my life to chapter …show more content…
My family of origin is fairly small. My mom, dad, sister, and grandparents make up my immediate family. As I was growing up, I was taught how important family is and that my family would always be there for me when I needed them. My family taught me many values and resources. Some of those are integrity, compassion, and appreciation. I use these values today in college. The value of integrity helps me to always be honest with my professors and classmates. The value of appreciation allows me to be thankful for the opportunities that I have been given in college. Compassion will be a very important value for me to use in my future career in order to treat patients the way they should be treated. I will carry with me the important values and resources that my family has taught me for the rest of my

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