Best Game Poduction Dilema Essay

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Best Game Productions Dilemma

Best Game Productions is facing an urgent business dilemma. It has been working for two years to create a highly anticipated video game, but during the beta tests in which the company asked selected reviewers to play the game and provide feedback, it has discovered a major bug that hurts the quality of the game. It has generated enough buzz for the game’s release and the release date has already set for the coveted holiday season, which is not enough to fix the bug. Customers are anticipating the game’s release for a long time and marketing materials for the release date have been already deployed. If Best Game Productions proceeds to release the game according to the schedule, the game will be of lower
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Its shareholders and customers are Best Game Productions’ important external stakeholders. All stakeholders of the company are approaching the business dilemma from different angles and it is important to take into account perspectives from various stakeholders in order to reach the best decision. Executives at Best Game Productions are the decision making body of the company and also they are the internal stakeholders with most stakes of the company. If the company comes up with an idea to solve the dilemma, these executives are going to be rewarded accordingly. They will receive higher compensation packages and better reputation in the industry. However, if Best Game Productions fails to go through the business scenario well, then these executives might get blamed for and some of them might even lose their jobs. Executives want to keep their jobs and are mostly motivated by their compensation package including long-term payment such as stock options that will be directly influenced by long-term value of the firm, as well as their reputation which will potentially provide them another job or higher pay package at a later date. They are more concerned about long-term values because if they do something to pump the short-term values of the company at expense of long-term growth, the company will eventually get penalized for its decision and it

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