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Generalized or Specialized
September 24, 2014
HR is a function within an entity that can improve and transform decision-makers and the company overall; HR have one goal in mind, focus on core capabilities. This process requires that HR possess the need to maintain a diverse group of talented employees that will one day become leaders, obtain the expertise of current and exiting employees and subcontract business activities (Fulmer, et al, 2006). Therefore, in order for HR to be an effective strategic partner two things must be understood; first, the business of the business and second, work begins with the business (Fulmer, et al, 2006). Since technology and the economy continues to change, HR need to change as well by taking on a
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Finally, HR has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to help the organization become successful. Ramona & Anca (2013), states that HR must be able to combine their attention to basic administration and make critical strategic decisions to have a positive impact on the company (p. 632).
Possessing this skill will benefit the company in three ways; first, it encourages current and future employees to perform better in their position. Second, it appeals to future employees to apply with the company, resulting in more human assets; and third, the company has the ability to hang onto their human assets to be sustainable into the future. In addition, the specialized approach helps HR focus more on the future of the company. Doing so allows HR to help sustain a competitive advantage, create profits, and influence the direction of long-term objectives of the company. So in review, taking on a more specialized approach to work, has numerous benefits not only for the company, but employees as well. The specialized approach to work will provide HR the time to focus on the business aspects, organization culture, changes within the company, and employee satisfaction and contributions (Mello, 2015).

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